Zotero autoexport: Changelog and support


I am happy if I can get feedback or errors from you. It is helpful if you provide much informations as possible:
  • provide the system you are using
  • the version of Firefox or the version of Zotero Standalone
  • addon version you are using
  • log of the console: When something does not work like excepted enable the option of logging message to console, You can open the console in Firefox with Strg + Shift + J. Be sure that not only errors are visible and maybe you have to clean the console before you start your action with problems. After that you can select the entrys in console and copy with rightclick
  • screenshot or hints to reproduce
  • Maybe you do not need all this data - just send with a description to the team.

    Open issues

    • Background Operations: default directory is not set for file picker if old path is used..
    • Background Operations: Add updating via HTTPXMLRequest
    • Background Operations: multiple export directorys
    • Background Operations: Manual event releasing per cmd
    • Background Operations: Housekeeping of profiles to export
    • Background Operations: Create folder if not exists at export
    • Background Operations: Export collections to folder
    • Background Operations: PrefHasUserValue does not return anything if pref not exists. Could stop working the init process
    • Background Operations: Warning if collection convertion to filename results in duplicates
    • Options Dialog (UI): Collection managment with more options
    • Options Dialog (UI): Preference disabling menu or toolbar
    • Background Operations: Testrun might fail with Zotero Translator main not work properly
    • Options Dialog (UI): Path to File Felder are not directly editable
    • Administration: Update Zoterolisting
    • Foreground Operations: Uninstall information page
    • Toolbar (UI): Menu item to export at rightclicking library/collections
    • Background Operations: Timer: Set time to export as new option
    • Options Dialog (UI): Saving preferences might trouble if using sessions / not properly close firefox
    • Administration: Benchmark test for huge librarys
    • Toolbar (UI): Add a hint that Zotero is exporting when hitting menu item
    • Toolbar (UI): Timer til next export in toolbar
    • Background Operations: Feedback AMO zu Version 1.1.8
    • Formats and compatibility: Citekey configurable
    • Foreground Operations: MacOS X: Bash scripts
    • Background Operations: Subcollections are not listed
    • Background Operations: Saved searched not init file
    • Options Dialog (UI): Filerenaming table is not updated when changing tab
    • Options Dialog (UI): Detail description of file path functionality
    • Background Operations: Check fie handling after writing
    • Options Dialog (UI): Explaination more directly to tick the rows
    • Background Operations: Stephen: Export wth whole library also groups
    • Background Operations: Text formatiert und unformatiert..


    released 04.07.15

    • Foreground Operations: Setup arguments for postprocessing
    • Background Operations: Exporting single file with whole library has compatible problem with new Zotero version (thanks to Alex)
    • Background Operations: When file is not selected yet, addon was crashing
    ~85 min worked


    released 04.07.15Download

    Zotero Compatibility issue once more
    • Background Operations: Exporting single file with whole library has compatible problem with new Zotero version (thanks to Sarah)
    ~60 min worked


    released 02.02.15Download

    Bugfix for new Zotero Version
    • Background Operations: Compatibility issue to Zotero 4.0.27 when exporting whole library (thanks Boaz)
    ~60 min worked


    released 02.02.15Download

    • Background Operations: Exporting only a single collection detect duplicates wrong (thanks to Steve)
    ~90 min worked


    released 12.12.13

    Now it is possible to export to multiple directorys.
    • Options Dialog (UI): Idea: Allow export of different collections to different folders

    released 19.08.15

    • Options Dialog (UI): Filenames individual with variables for each col
    ~310 min worked

    released 20.05.15

      released 19.05.15Download

      Possibility to adjust charset
      • Background Operations: Collections was not found in the pref when exporting all Collections
      • Background Operations: File extensions are doubled added if exporting with the translator-option "Export files"
      • Background Operations: Improved handling of file extension: File pattern can include extension now / .. (Thanks to Sebastian)
      • Formats and compatibility: ExportCharset can be configured now
      • Options Dialog (UI): Testing configuration was not realistic if only manuel mode is enabled
      ~480 min worked

      released 19.02.15Download


        released 31.05.14Download

        • Background Operations: Verify and better escape of JSON
        • Background Operations: TypeError for customCollections
        ~175 min worked


        released 30.05.14Download

        Bugfix for Zotero Standalone and now the possibility to setup the filenames by pattern for each collection, search and group
        • Options Dialog (UI): Add option for filename formatting with variables
        • Formats and compatibility: Zotero Standalone: Problem with prefs
        ~60 min worked


        released 13.05.14Download

        Firefox bugfixe because of problem storing prefs
        • Background Operations: Compaibiltiy issue to store prefs properly (FF 29.*)
        ~180 min worked


        released 12.05.14Download

        Fixing trouble with Firefox 29.* Update


          released 02.01.14Download

          Updates the file handling at export. Files are not longer overwritten in one export process if they have the same name (gets appended a number). Empty collections / searches / groups are not override existing files.
          • Background Operations: Export Group Libraries exports ALL files
          • Background Operations: Better handling of duplicate files when exporting several files
          ~390 min worked


          released 17.11.13Download

          • Toolbar (UI): Zotero im tab throws error for namespace
          ~30 min worked


          released 16.10.13Download

          Fixes compatibility issue with Zotero Standalone and the postprocessing was not executed in some cases
          • Background Operations: Postprocess is not working by custom export (Thanks to Timo)
          • Toolbar (UI): Fix menu item in Zotero Standalone
          ~80 min worked


          released 07.08.13Download

          The selection of export items is now more detailed: Select from collections, saved searches and group collections what you want to export. Now supports also Batch Export without a timer.
          • Background Operations: Export saved searches to select only specific collections and items
          • Toolbar (UI): Icon in the customize dialog was missing
          • Background Operations: Downward compatible of PrefInterface
          • Options Dialog (UI): Possibility to restrict collections
          • Options Dialog (UI): Provide possibility to export only manual.. like a batch mode
          • Background Operations: More stability reading prefs
          • Formats and compatibility: possibility to autoexport group librarys or saved searchs [thanks to Timo]
          ~1200 min worked


          released 22.04.13Download

          Now supports the advanced options of Zotero export also in the automatic export. Some other minor issues.
          • Formats and compatibility: Export of attachments as files
          • Options Dialog (UI): Options dialog ist not resizable
          • Formats and compatibility: Translators needs same options like in Zotero itself
          • Options Dialog (UI): Move test settings into a new tab
          • Background Operations: Use more carefully the advanced options adjusting the translator
          • Toolbar (UI): Toolbarbutton is not installed properly
          ~435 min worked


          released 06.03.13Download

          • Background Operations: Check whether zotero.autoexporting exists in toolbar.js
          • Background Operations: Zotero Standalone does not end export process..
          • Background Operations: Wrong variable to enable or disable events
          • Formats and compatibility: Use Javascript strict mode
          ~160 min worked


          released 20.02.13Download

          Lot of improvements in the UI. To assure stability and functionality the roadmap will be changed: The introduce of profiles with multiple file formats will be moved from coming version 1.1.0 to the near future. Currently it doesnot look like it is so urgent feature.
          • Options Dialog (UI): UI: Structure more by event or file
          • Toolbar (UI): Toolbarbutton UI: Install not only at first install also if version is too old
          • Toolbar (UI): Menu item for faster manual execution of export
          • Background Operations: GetElementbyId etablish more stable for UI elements
          • Options Dialog (UI): Dialogue has an overflow and is to small
          • Options Dialog (UI): Introducing of tabs for an better overview
          • Toolbar (UI): Button is not available at startup
          ~265 min worked


          released 02.02.13Download

          • Toolbar (UI): Button is not properly setup after start
          • Toolbar (UI): Toolbarbutton not found, so Exception thrown
          • Background Operations: Collection names in the filename by export might occur an error
          • Background Operations: Improved stability at export routine itself
          • Background Operations: Improved feedback of export whether a single file is written


          released 05.01.13Download

          • Background Operations: Export changes with an cache or timeout
          • Foreground Operations: Visual feedback during export
          • Toolbar (UI): Toolbar: Show status of addon and last export as tooltip
          • Toolbar (UI): Toolbar: button is available to indicate state of export, hover to see the last export (installed per default into addon bar)


          released 21.12.12Download

          • Background Operations: minor bugfixes


          released 12.12.12Download

          • Background Operations: Add export event when database is changed
          • Options Dialog (UI): Select the events to be triggered


          released 18.07.12Download

          • Background Operations: better check of validness of parameters
          • Foreground Operations: Manual test button
          • Foreground Operations: Add a ommand line option executed after export
          • Background Operations: possibility to autoexport collections in different files [thanks to Sebastien]
          • Background Operations: Detect whether Zotero exists or not


          released 27.06.12Download

          • Options Dialog (UI): Display a multiline protocol
          • Background Operations: Preferences have leak
          • Background Operations: Support of Zotero Standalone
          • Foreground Operations: Choose format (=translator) to export automatically

          Changelog and support
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