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Can I use pattern for naming the files of the collection?

Yes you can use the following variables for creating dynamic file patterns:

For example:

Do you have a facebook and google + page for this addon?

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Third party addition: Postprocessing to fix BibTex for APA

Thanks to Timo for the following batch file. Edits the exported .bib file (tested with apacite. Fixes url and doi being shown in the reference list at the same time and transforms dx.doi urls to doi fields. It also removes the 'cited by' comment from the bib file for those using the Zotero Scholar Citations plugin):
# call this file from a .cmd file with: powershell.exe -noexit c:\this_file.ps1 -path "C:\zotero_autoexport.bib"
# open file $path
# replace the note = (with the 'cited by xx' texts)
# if we have both url and doi - just keep the doi
# if we dont have the doi but the url is dx.doi, replace the url with the doi
# if we have an  url with a doi inside it, replace the url and create doi as well
# save to the same file
([io.file]::ReadAllText($path)) | Foreach-Object {$_ -replace "note = \{.*?\},?\n"} | Foreach-Object {$_ -ireplace "url = \{.*?\},\n\s{0,}(doi = \{.*?\},\n)", "`$1" } | Foreach-Object {$_ -ireplace "url = \{http://dx\.doi\.org/(.*?)\}", "doi = {`$1}"} | Foreach-Object {$_ -ireplace "url = \{.*?(10[.][0-9]{4,}.*?)\}", "doi = {`$1}"} | Set-Content $path

I like your addon together with the BibLaTeX translator

This is great. Since 2013 Zotero is now supporting from its own BibLatex and you would not need a additional translator. Just check the results of both before change ;)

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