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HINT COMPATIBILITY ISSUE Please download the latest version of my addon by downloading from mozilla.org directly. At my blog are no versions which are signed, sorry for this incovience!

Zotero autoexport is an addon for Firefox and Zotero Standalone to export automatic the library to files. Choose from different formats like Bibtex / RDF and setup postprocessing. Installation, first usage guide, documentation and support are provided here.


the main features are:
  • trigger export by a timer for example every 120 minutes
  • trigger the export by changes in your zotero database
  • setup the format options (and the translator)
  • splitting exported files into collections and subcollections [upon 1.0.6]
  • postprocessing with an external script like a batch file for ftp upload
  • export only certain collections - good if you have many items [upon 1.1.2]
  • export saved searches and group collections as batch to file [upon 1.1.2]
At the moment you can setup exporting one of these filetype (depends of Zotero) for export automatically:
  • BibTex
  • Dublin Core
  • MODS
  • RIS
  • bibIX
  • Zotero RDF
  • ..

Install addon for Firefox

Install addon from mozilla.org
You can download the current version from my server by clicking this link .You can get from from mozilla.org or/and commit at GitHub. Around using this plugin sucessfully. If you have any problems, suggestions continue reading below.

Install addon for Zotero Standalone

Open the addon dialog in the standalone version and click on the top right button with the wheel icon and choose install from file and select the file you have downloaded above. Or try to drag and drop the addon file into the addon dialog.
Hint: Currently it looks like that updating is only manual possible.


In next time more triggering events should be available and not only a period of time. Second huge part will be the automatic export to other databases and systems for literature.


The development needs a lot of work and I wasted a lot of days in this addon. If you like to thank in any way contact me or donate here.

UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 0.9
UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 0.9
UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 1.0.3
UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 1.0.3

Zotero Autoexport
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  • UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 0.9,
  • UI: Preference dialog in Zotero autoexport 1.0.3
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