Patch Nikon ViewNX 2 to copy adjustments

A little patch construction for handling with NEF in the Nikon Viewnx 2 tool. From other software it is a well known feature to copy the adjustments like hue or other propertys to another image file.

This patch uses exiftool a free command line software from Phil Harvey. Thanks for the enormous possibilities manipulating images
Mit dieser kleinen Erweitertung ist es möglich die Anpassungen (oder das "Rezept") eines NEF (Nikon Raw Format) in ViewNX2 auf ein andere Datei zu übertragen. Dabei wird vor allem das freie Exiftool von Phil Harvey genutzt. Vielen Dank für die vielen Möglichkeiten die dieses Programm bietet!
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  • Saving done adjustments at the source file before copying is necessary
  • After copying the thumbs are not updated


1. Download the current version b002 from here
2. Extract the zip file and copy the content to a stable folder like your applications folder
3. Now start Nikon View NX 2 and open the options in the menu Edit
4. Choose Application at the left sidebar, where you can setup special applications for opening.
5. Hit the Add button and add from the folder you copied before the files. Check that you can see all files and not only executable ones. Now select copy2cache and afterwards copy3cache
6. Now you can start with right click of the file you want to copy from and choose Open with and then the copy2cache.
7. Then change the folder or whatever to the new file and choose copy3cache.
8. With right clicking is just not fast for usage. With right clicking at the toolbar and Customize you can add both applications to the menu-bar.
9. Actually there is no possibility to recalculate the thumb - you have to change a setting in the file. If someone know how to improve let me know!

Support and Contribution

The development needs a lot of work and I wasted a lot of hours.. If you recognize bugs or want to arrange feedback, do not hesitate to contact me. If you like to thank in any way contact me or donate with the button below.



released 17.12.13


    ViewNX2 Patch
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